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'Dear Pat

Thank you so much for coming today to reinforce the previous work we did together, and for helping me so much.  I am sure your own quiet belief in me that has helped me enormously in getting off to such a good start with my weight loss programme.  I have been using your CDs every day since we met the first time and fully intend to continue doing so.  There are CDs I can listen to at bed time, in bed, on my computer all day, having a five minute cup of tea break, and so I don't always have to set down and make time for a long 'listen'.

The personal touches you offer as part of your brilliant service are great.  I especially enjoyed the long discussions about my individual life style, my food likes, food habits, food aspirations etc - so that you can script MY CD perfectly for my individual journey, and all in the comfort and security of my own home.

I feel so positive and know that I have already lost weight.  Friends have spontaneously commented on my appearance, even though they do not know I am on a new weight loss regime.

I am exercising regularly and really enjoying it!'

CW Somerset


Hi Pat

After having a 2 hour hypnotherapy session with you some weeks ago, I have not smoked any cigarettes. The craving for cigarettes has completely gone.

Bearing in mind I have been a smoker since I was sixteen, I have been smoking for thirty two years, up to 25-30 cigarettes a day. I suffered terrible headaches, chest pain and took paracetamol daily.

What a waste of money!

I have previously tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum and Zyban and will power all to no avail. The first thing I noticed in the days following your treatment was my headaches and chest pains have completely gone.

I have followed the course of treatment as prescribed (Tony was asked to listen to a CD following the session - Pat W) and I have successfully broken the desire for cigarettes; even in a social gathering I can watch others smoking and it has no effect on me. Amazing!

That is why I would recommend hypnotherapy treatments with you to any other person wanted to give up smoking or other bad habits.

This is truly life changing and I can't thank you enough, Pat, for the difference this makes to my health and finances. So, if there are any other smokers out there who desperately want to change and be free from cigarettes, please give Pat a call, so you can break this habit now.


Tony M (Kent)

I am 62 years old.. 5ft 3ins and 12 stone... I was getting desperate as the weight seemed to be piling on... Then I saw the Hypno-Band and found Pat on the web.. 3 weeks later I'm still 62 and 5ft 3 ins, but only 11stone 3lbs. I feel so much better. I can bend over to tie my shoe laces without feeling uncomfortable.

I used to have a couple of glasses of wine most nights, and that usually led to chocolate too.

After the sessions I have had with Pat, I find I eat less, usually leaving something on the plate. I eat healthier and I drink water in the evenings (so no chocolate either) but I also know I CAN drink when I'm out celebrating or out with friends.

As Pat has given me the recordings of our sessions, I can always go over them, but also, I know that Pat is at the end of the phone for support.

I have tried so many other diets etc. over the years, but this is the best.....

Thanks Pat

Mrs N B (Kent)

I am a 59 year old carer who has been overweight most of my adult life, but following an operation four years ago, I had put on a further three stone. I have been on many diets over the years but the weight has always crept back on again.

I had a habit of having a large bar of chocolate or a bag of nuts late at night most nights after having had dinner earlier in the evening. I was told it is difficult to lose weight at my age and was feeling increasingly desperate and worried about my health.

I browsed the internet looking for on-line diet groups to join but found Pat's website quite by accident. I emailed her and Pat answered the initial questions that I had. Then Pat phoned me and we had a long chat. I knew I wanted to do this so I had my 'Hypno-Band' fitted six weeks ago.

From the first day I noticed a difference. I had no urge to buy or eat chocolate or nuts; I ate less and started drinking lots of water. I feel I am eating healthily for the first time in my life and have lost 16 lbs so far. I feel more energetic, healthier and much more positive about my life now. I have not got obsessed with food as I did whenever I was dieting.

I know this is not a diet but a change in lifestyle.

The most wonderful thing is the support I have received from Pat. The recordings of my hypno sessions and additional CDs she has given me have been invaluable.

Pat has also encouraged me in my private life as well. I now find time for me and I am making jewellery, knitting and sewing agin - things that had been put on the back burner since my husband became ill.

Many Thanks Pat

Mrs P W (Sidcup)

I am 33 years old and had my (hypno) 'Gastric Band' fitted three weeks ago and am feeling amazing!

I have struggled for 20 years with a sugar/fizzy drinks addiction and it was really out of control. My skin was bad and I had no self worth and honestly could not see me changing the way I saw food.

I am amazed how well I have responded to the treatment! I totally see food through new eyes and for the first time EVER I can actually see myself slim!

I lost a huge 10lb the first week - 4lb the second week and 5lb this week....Since the procedure I have drunk nothing but water - this is strange behaviour for me! I NEVER drunk water before this!!!! (I have dropped a dress size already:-)

Every day now I walk my dog for exercise - and I do not crave sugar any more! It's not that I can't resist it, I just don't want it, it makes me a little sick thinking about it! My husband is amazed with the transformation!

I highly recommend this procedure and Pat Whittaker for her support and guidance from our first consultation, she has helped me in a way I cannot explain - I just know that this time next year- I will be at my target weight.

Tanya (33) SE London

Thank you Pat! Ever since you saw Suzanne, she has not bitten her nails again - well done! You have achieved something all my nagging couldn't!

Mrs Anon (Kent)

Three months down the line and 2 and a half stone lighter. I eat much more healthily. Also my cravings seem to have gone away! Best of all, I'm not obsessing about food any more, and if I do have a bad day (once or twice) I don't hate myself afterwards and go on a binge, like I used to - I just listen to Pat's CDs and they set me right again!

Ms P.B. (London)

'I have now had 5 sessions including a very thorough free consultation and I have just had my 'gastric band' fitted. Have lost half a stone since starting and feel in total control of my food intake. Still have a long way to go but have every confidence that I will make it to my goal weight. Thank you Pat, for your help and support

Mrs D.E. (Kent)

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