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Regression and Past Life Regression (Dorset and Somerset)

What is meant by Regression and Past Life Regression?



Hypnosis is a trance state induced through focusing on thoughts, feelings, images,sounds or sensations. Hypnotherapy uses this deep state of relaxation to create change on an unconscious level, using visualisation, suggestions and other analytical tools.

A client may be 'regressed' by hypnosis to forgotten memories in childhood or as a young adult.  This can be very helpful in understanding one's present situation in life and any presenting issues.  It is not only useful, but it is also en enjoyable experience in its own right.  For example, a client recently remembered playing in the garden of her childhood, which she very much enjoyed - she had forgotten all about it, but she was then able to remember in great detail which gave her great pleasure.

Past Life Regression

Are  you sceptical about past lives?  I certainly was, until I experienced a 'past life' for myself!  I still cannot say for certain that this was really a past life, or just something that my imagination threw up at me, for I do have an active imagination.  There is, unfortunately, no way that this can be proved either way.

However, consider this - most of the world's religions believe in reincarnation - past lives.  Also, remember that it is now believed that our genes carry memories, and also that we are all descended from the same few families in Africa.

Think also of those people who have had some kind of organ transplant, and who have then experienced some of the 'character traits' that the organ donor had displayed.  Does it not then, seem possible that we can experience, at some level, some kind of 'past life or lives?

Past Life Regression is an exciting trip into your own past life or lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open up other worlds from a different time.

This is a technique which will take an individual back through time to their previous life (lives) by accessing normally hidden memories in the subconscious mind.  It needs a trained hypnotherapist to lead you, and it employs the use of hypnosis along with visualisation procedures similar to those used in some forms of meditation.

So what will you encounter in these past lives?  Some people discover that they have shared lives with people with whom they have a close bond in their present life.  Others are drawn to certain places or countries that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with.  Each life is explored as a journey and an adventure for both the subject and the therapist.

It is possible that the client may not believe in Reincarnation or Past Life Regression, as I said above, and may believe that he/she just has a very active imagination.  It cannot be proved either way - but what has been invoked by the subconscious has probably been invoked for a reason, or it may be a metaphor or a symbol for something in that person's present life (like dreaming), and it can be interesting to reflect on what has been brought forward.  The important thing is to remain open-minded and relaxed.  Allow what unfolds to happen in a non-judgemental way and don't allow the rational side of the brain to take over.  What transpires can be analysed afterwards.



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